Guest Wireless Made Easy

ITS redesigned our guest wireless service to make getting on faster and more convenient for everybody.

We know you’re connected. But what about your family and friends when they visit you on campus? What about your official guests who are attending meetings or an event? If they want to jump on the wireless and check their email or Facebook, do they have to call the HelpDesk?

Until now, they did. But, as of October 23, we’re changing our guest wireless network to make it more convenient for everybody. We are launching self-service wireless access that uses email or text messages to provide guests with login information that is good for 24 hours.

Simply tell your guest to connect to the “WUGuest” network. When they open a browser window, they’ll be prompted to complete the Guest Self Registration form. They will need to tell us three things:

  1. current, working email address
  2. cell phone number
  3. cell phone carrier (e.g. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.)

We’ll respond with login information immediately. It’s all automated and available 24/7.

If you or your guests have any issues or want a login for longer than 24 hours, contact the ITS HelpDesk at (610) 499-1047.

Device Registration – WIRELESS AND WIRED

Get connected to Widener’s wireless network.

For security reasons, Widener University has implemented a solution to protect your electronic devices from other devices that might not be secure. Every device you connect must be registered for compliance purposes.

Steps to register your device

  • Connect to the wireless SSID “WUdorm” or “Widener”, if you choose to connect via Ethernet cable you will need to put in a port request.
  • Open your internet browser and try to go to a website such as
  • Follow the on screen instructions to register your device.

Device Registration Requirement Information:

 Device Registration Requirement Information:

  • Windows PC
    • All Microsoft Windows based Desktops and Laptops (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) are required to have up to date operating system patches (Windows Updates) and an up to date Anti-Virus program (free or subscription) not provided from the University. A persistent agent is required to be downloaded and installed in order to stay in compliance on the network. It will prompt you for your Campus Cruiser Username and password, then it will scan for your operating system patches and verify an up to date Anti-Virus.
  • Phones & Apple Products (MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone), Non-Windows Tablets, eReaders
    • (MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone) Non-Windows Tablets, eReaders will only require your Campus Cruiser username and password to register on the network.
  • Gaming Devices
    • (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo products) will be automatically registered on the network. Please connect them via ethernet cable or on the wireless SSID “WUDorm” and they will take up to 15 minutes to move from the registration network to the production network. If you still have issues connecting after patiently waiting, please locate your MAC address for your device and contact your campus helpdesk.
  • Smart TV’s and other streaming devices
    • (Apple TV, Amazon Firestick/TV, Echo, Roku, Slingbox, etc.) do not automatically register on the network at this time. Please locate the MAC address of your device and contact your campus helpdesk to open a Work Order to have it manually registered OR Submit a work order at

 *PLEASE NOTE: CHROMECAST is designed to work in a home environment and given the size and complexity of our network, it will NOT work on Widener’s Network. Wireless printing in the dorms is not supported; therefore, please connect your printer via usb cable. WE DO NOT ALLOW PERSONAL WIRELESS ROUTERS ON WIDENER’S NETWORK.

*For additional assistance, please visit the Student Technology Support Center located in the University Center Computer Lab, on the lower level. The Student Technology Support Center (STSC) is a walk-in support center where students can go for assistance with their computers and hand-held devices.  Their hours are Monday through Thursday 3pm to 10pm and Friday 3pm to 6pm. You may also visit the ITS HelpDesk located on the 2nd floor of Academic Center North (ACN) Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm excluding holidays.

Dorm wireless upgrades

Knowing how important wireless is to our students, we’re proud to share news of major upgrades in Metropolitan Hall–the largest suite-style dormitory at Widener–and Boettner Hall. Our networking team outfitted both dormitories with all-new wireless equipment this summer. In addition, we made upgrades in Moll and the first-year student quads: Cann, Hanna, Howell, Grasselli, Kapelski, Thayer, and Turrell. In our tests, the improvements we made in the second group of residences more than doubled connection speeds.

Our efforts are certainly not over, and much work is still ahead of us. We are pleased to be able to make these improvements, and hope our students enjoy better connectivity in their residence halls in 2017-18.

Did you know…

….for the approximately 2,000 students in residence halls, we support connections from, on average, 8,000 devices?

A major piece of wireless network architecture is not only having coverage (no “dead zones”), but also having having enough capacity when people congregate in specific locations. These patterns vary day-to-day, minute-to-minute.

Be sure to let us know if you experience connection issues in a specific location, especially when you notice that the problem is a recurring one. We can work to fill in gaps over time.