Start Packing! 6 Tips for the Canvas Move

It’s time to start planning your move.

It seems like a daunting task, but take another look at the transition timeline – you have enough time to pack up and move to your new course home. The key is to plan and be smart about what you pack and how you stay organized!

The infographic below highlights 6 important things to consider and start working on (and Tip 7 is get a librarian involved to help you find accessible course assets if your scanned copies are at all illegible or incompatible with screen readers).

So let’s get started. Take a good look at these 6 tips and plan your move. Want to see more of Canvas? It’s not quite ready or decorated for company yet, but go ahead and peek into the live environment at https://widener.instructure.com/

Any questions, please reach out to canvasteam@widener.edu

1) Now is the time to rethink course design without the constraints of CampusCruiser. You have the chance to take advantage of learning tools like never before. 2) Resist the urge to rush the process. (e.g., Is your content ADA compliant? Are your assignments engaging?) Use the time and support you have well. 3) Structure FOLDERS in MODULES. Include a simple word doc listing components (readings, assignment, assessment, video links); include every element in its module folder. 4) Do not dump course assets into groups (in this case


Top 25 Lynda.com courses at Widener

Since ITS started offering all faculty, staff, and students unlimited access to Lynda.com in late April 2017, 659 unique people have viewed over 6,800 videos.

tile_lyndalearning_logoSince ITS started offering all faculty, staff, and students unlimited access to Lynda.com in late April 2017, 659 unique people have viewed over 6,800 videos. Here is the list of the top 25 videos for our community so far, ranked by the number of unique viewers to use a course:

  1. Learning Office 365
  2. Learning Canvas 2016
  3. How to use Lynda.com
  4. Excel 2013 Essential Training
  5. Office 365: Learning Outlook
  6. Windows 10 Essential Training
  7. Learning with Lynda.com
  8. Office 365: Learning Excel
  9. Thomas A. Stewart and Patricia O’Connell on Designing and Delivering Great Customer Experience
  10. Outlook 2016 Essential Training
  11. Excel 2016 Essential Training
  12. Migrating from Office 2010 to Office 2016
  13. Customer Advocacy
  14. Statistics Foundations: 1
  15. SPSS Statistics Essential Training
  16. Office 2016 and Office 365 New Features
  17. Outlook 2016: Time Management with Calendar and Tasks
  18. OneNote 2016 Essential Training
  19. Microsoft Planner First Look
  20. Microsoft Teams Essential Training
  21. Learning Python
  22. HTML Essential Training
  23. Team Collaboration in Office 365
  24. Photoshop CC 2017 One-on-One: Fundamentals
  25. WordPress Essential Training

Understandably, there’s a heavy emphasis on Office 365 and Canvas training so far. It’s worth noting that there’s also interest in both technical skill development in areas such as programming languages and general professional development on business topics, such as customer service and time management.

An emerging trend in the usage data points to faculty who may be using Lynda.com as supplemental learning materials for their courses. For instance, we’ve heard positive feedback about the quality of the statistics package training available. Let us know if you’d like more information about assigning Lynda.com courses and playlists to your students.

Get Started

Just visit lynda.widener.edu. Use your Widener login ID and password—the same one you use for Office 365. Even if you don’t have time to dig into the material right now, search for topics that interest you. You can easily add them to your personal playlist to try out later.

Have a Lynda.com success story you’d like to share? Please let us know!

John Kitchen assumes new role in ITS

Kitchen is appointed interim director of client success for all three Widener campuses.

kitchenjAs we were starting the new academic year needing full-time leadership for the client success team, we were fortunate that John Kitchen stepped up to help.

The director of client success position is responsible for leading a variety of crucial services at all three campuses: our help desks and student labs, the asset management program, desktop software, and technology training.

John Kitchen has deep experience in all of these areas. He has worked in ITS for a total of 18 years, and has been in charge of supporting law school IT needs since 2006. He’s a recognized leader in his field, currently serving as a vice president for the Philadelphia local chapter of HDI, a professional association for the technical support industry. A Widener alumnus ’97, his dedication to the University and gold-standard service is apparent to everybody he meets.

Outside of Widener, John enjoys spending time with family and friends. He volunteers for Wills For Heroes Delaware Charter by providing technical support. In his leisure time, John enjoys reading, hiking and fishing.

People at the Delaware and Harrisburg campuses know John well already. We’re excited for the Chester campus community to have a chance to work with him more closely.



Classroom Projector Display Settings Fix

Where is my PowerPoint? Why can’t my students see what I see?

You may find the computer screen “extending” rather than “duplicating” to the projection screen. This likely occurred when a previous PPT file “hijacked” the display. We’re providing a quick fix instructions here, but feel encouraged to call Teaching & Learning Technology (TLT) x4090 for assistance.

The quick fix

    1. With the PC and projector both turned-on, keypress the windows and “P” buttons at the same time.
    2. While still holding-down the windows button, press the “P” button until ‘Duplicate’ is highlighted.

  1. Once ‘Duplicate’ is selected, release all keys and screens should mirror. Please allow up to 10 to 20 seconds for digital connection to update.

Is there a permanent fix?

This issue is one of those bugs for which the MS Office community-at-large is working hard to find a solution. We will update this post as soon as this is resolved.


Dozens of learning spaces get digital upgrades

ITS is committed to excellence in support of teaching and learning. Read about digital upgrades to 34 spaces that TLT upgraded this summer.

ITS updated the AV systems in 28 formal learning spaces, including classrooms and teaching labs in Kapelski, Kirkbride, Bruce, Hanna, Old Main Annex, and Alumni. These upgrades will immediately improve the quality and reliability of the classroom experience. They will also allow us to keep rooms more easily up to date with future upgrades in educational technology.

Additionally, we outfitted six of the informal learning/meeting spaces in University Center with new large monitors, built-in AV systems and computers. No more having to call TLT Classroom Support to request deliveries of laptops in the Webb Room or meeting rooms A, C, D, F, or G.

Complimenting this effort, you will discover refined “how-to” documentation for AV posted in learning spaces.

Take a moment to view some of the before and after in this short video documenting some of the space transformations.  If you need any assistance with these spaces or just want to give kudos to the fantastic team of Rick, Casey, and Jeremy, just contact them at x4090 or TLToffice@widener.edu.

How we pick rooms to upgrade

This spring, TLT staff spent months planning with deans’ offices, faculty, operations staff and technology vendors. We prioritized rooms based on capacity, degree of use, frequency of calls for tech-related issues, age/health of current equipment. We also took into account places where we simply needed to correct awkward AV configurations that got in the way of teaching and learning.

The University is making strong investments in teaching and learning technologies (in both physical and virtual learning spaces). We plan to make additional upgrades later this year. Even so, completing our digital learning space transformations will take at least two more years. Please let us know if you have thoughts to share about how our learning space infrastructure can be improved.

Faculty – Bridge Week – Cruiser Migration- Office365 Workshops

For those faculty who were unable to attend the Office 365 workshops during bridge week in May, below are the powerpoint and recorded zoom sessions from each workshop.  We hope these resources will help you with the Campus Cruiser email migration and assist with other advanced topics of Office 365.

Day 1: Cruiser Migration – Getting started with Office 365
Presentation Outline: Day1-CruiserMigration-Getting-Started-with-Office365

Day 2: Cruiser Migration – Getting more out of Office 365
Presentation Outline: Day2-CruiserMigration-Getting-More-Out-of-Office365

Three Great Links You Should Know:

http://itsnews.widener.edu   ITS blog site where projects and other timely information is posted to keep you informed.
http://lynda.widener.edu      Free on-line video training to learn more about Office365 and other technical topics.
http://quickticket.widener.edu   Open a HelpDesk ticket without logging into CampusCruiser

Welcome Students!

Over the summer, the ITS department (computer people) were busy updating technologies that will help you succeed. Visit and bookmark our blog itsnews.widener.edu, as new valuable information is frequently posted. Check out the latest below!

Five web links to help start your semester!

Wireless access

Email access

Getting started with Office 365

 FREE Office 2016 download

FREE unlimited tech training

Contact us with any questions or issues.

Submit a ticket! Go to QuickTicket.widener.edu

Call us!   (610) 499-1047

Visit the Student Technical Support Center (STSC)
Located in the lower level of University Center

Device Registration – WIRELESS AND WIRED

Get connected to Widener’s wireless network.

For security reasons, Widener University has implemented a solution to protect your electronic devices from other devices that might not be secure. Every device you connect must be registered for compliance purposes.

Steps to register your device

  • Connect to the wireless SSID “WUdorm” or “Widener”, if you choose to connect via Ethernet cable you will need to put in a port request.
  • Open your internet browser and try to go to a website such as yahoo.com.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to register your device.

Device Registration Requirement Information:

 Device Registration Requirement Information:

  • Windows PC
    • All Microsoft Windows based Desktops and Laptops (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) are required to have up to date operating system patches (Windows Updates) and an up to date Anti-Virus program (free or subscription) not provided from the University. A persistent agent is required to be downloaded and installed in order to stay in compliance on the network. It will prompt you for your Campus Cruiser Username and password, then it will scan for your operating system patches and verify an up to date Anti-Virus.
  • Phones & Apple Products (MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone), Non-Windows Tablets, eReaders
    • (MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone) Non-Windows Tablets, eReaders will only require your Campus Cruiser username and password to register on the network.
  • Gaming Devices
    • (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo products) will be automatically registered on the network. Please connect them via ethernet cable or on the wireless SSID “WUDorm” and they will take up to 15 minutes to move from the registration network to the production network. If you still have issues connecting after patiently waiting, please locate your MAC address for your device and contact your campus helpdesk.
  • Smart TV’s and other streaming devices
    • (Apple TV, Amazon Firestick/TV, Echo, Roku, Slingbox, etc.) do not automatically register on the network at this time. Please locate the MAC address of your device and contact your campus helpdesk to open a Work Order to have it manually registered OR Submit a work order at http://QUICKticket.widener.edu

 *PLEASE NOTE: CHROMECAST is designed to work in a home environment and given the size and complexity of our network, it will NOT work on Widener’s Network. Wireless printing in the dorms is not supported; therefore, please connect your printer via usb cable. WE DO NOT ALLOW PERSONAL WIRELESS ROUTERS ON WIDENER’S NETWORK.

*For additional assistance, please visit the Student Technology Support Center located in the University Center Computer Lab, on the lower level. The Student Technology Support Center (STSC) is a walk-in support center where students can go for assistance with their computers and hand-held devices.  Their hours are Monday through Thursday 3pm to 10pm and Friday 3pm to 6pm. You may also visit the ITS HelpDesk located on the 2nd floor of Academic Center North (ACN) Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm excluding holidays.