Residence Hall Wireless Upgrade Completed

Over the last two summers, ITS has completely overhauled wireless networking in residence halls, installing over 700 wireless access points for students.

If you are moving into the Chester Campus Residence Halls, we have some exciting news about the wireless network. The university has made major investment this summer to improve the wireless network on campus.

What’s changed

Historically, wireless access points were installed in the hallways in every residence hall. This provided adequate coverage, except in situations where thick walls and doors blocked the signal. Also, rooms farther away from access points had weaker signals resulting in poor performance.

As of today, each room or suite has a dedicated access point that connects at much higher speeds than our old ones. You will find a white box, mounted on the wall, about 6 feet high, with a network cable in a plastic conduit.

Unfortunately, in most rooms, this only leaves one network port to share. Please do not unplug the access point network cable! We are confident that all of your devices that have wireless capabilities will work great on the new wireless network. If you still need a wired network port, complete the Wired Dorm Port Request and  it will be activated by ITS.

Internet bandwidth

We also increased our Internet bandwidth by more than double the amount we had last year. This increase supports all university network traffic, so we can handle more traffic in the residence halls, classrooms, the library—wherever you go on campus. With the growth in streaming video and our new Canvas learning management system residing in the cloud, the extra bandwidth will ensure that we won’t run into any problems when our Internet traffic peaks.

Please contact the ITS Help Desk if your wireless experience is anything less than superb.