CampusCruiser Email Cutover to Office 365 is Complete

We are excited and happy to report the cutover of CampusCruiser email to Office 365 is complete. If you’re a student, we hope this post will help clarify a few things about working with your new account.

To view your previous messages, go to “Archived Cruiser Email” (This link will only be available until December 31, 2017).  If you want to move these messages to your Office 365 account you can configure a connected account.

  • When logging into CampusCruiser you will be redirected to the “Widener Sign In” page.
  • After successfully signing in, you will be directed back to CampusCruiser.
  • Hover over MyCruiser in the menu bar and choose “Archived Cruiser Email”.  This will display your inbox as it was on June 4th.

Starting June 5th, your email address is now your Please remember to update your contacts and website accounts (banking, Amazon, iCloud, etc.) with your new email address. We also suggest you add an auto-reply to your account to let your contacts know your email has changed. Instructions to add an auto-reply: /itsnews/files/2017/05/campuscruiser_add_autoreply.pdf.

There are a number of optional things that you may want to do now, such as:

  • Set up your mobile device for Office 365/WUmail.
  • Set up a connected account to import your Cruiser email.
  • Download Office 2016 Suite (PC or Mac).
  • Create a Read-Only archive of your CampusCruiser Email Account.
  • Export and Import your contacts into Office 365/WUmail.
  • Export and Import your Calendar into Office 365/WUmail.

Documentation for all of these tasks is online at – StudentView1357-06072017

Finally, we recommend the video playlist called Office 365 Basics. Viewing this training at will help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the helpdesk for your campus or call 610-499-1047.

Cruiser Email Migration: Top Trending Questions

Q1: Will my email still be delivered after June 5th?
Yes, your will be forwarded to your address.

Q2: When will my account stop receiving email?
Email sent to will be forwarded through at least May 2018. ITS suggests that you inform your contacts soon after the conversion on June 5th of your new address. This can be done by adding an auto-reply in your CampusCruiser account.

Q3: I have more than 2000 messages in my folder, how can I copy the rest of my email to Office 365?
Simply open a ticket with ITS to schedule migration of your remaining mail to Office 365.

Q4: Will I have access to my email in CampusCruiser after June 5th?
Yes, email in your CampusCruiser inbox prior to the migration can be found in the Archived Cruiser Email link under the My Cruiser dropdown. Email delivered after the migration will only be available in Office 365.

Q5: Will there be training for Faculty, Staff, and Students?
Currently you can login to and access online training from the Office 365 Basics playlist. Stay tuned for information about future in-person workshops.

Q6: How will I get to my classes after June 5th?
At this time only your email is changing. Access to classes will stay the same.

Q7: Will I be able to email from my class?
Yes, the email will be sent to everyone’s address, but otherwise will work just like it does today.

Office 365 Email Migration

Migrating student, office, and remaining faculty/staff accounts in CampusCruiser to a single email solution, Office 365 (a.k.a. WUmail).

Office365_logo_orangeOne of the biggest problems with University communications has been caused by having two email solutions. This dual email solution continues to cause confusion among our clients, especially our students and the faculty who communicate with them.

After the migration, when you log into Campus Cruiser and select email you will automatically be signed into Office 365. The Cruiser LMS, Offices, Committees, and Web Advisor will still be available.

There are several additional benefits for students, faculty and staff, as each of us will also receive licenses for Microsoft Office suite on up to five personal devices, one terabyte of OneDrive disk space, mobile access for all devices, and many other applications.




The project team will guide the university to a single email solution. This process will include changing the Campus Cruiser authentication to the Widener single sign-on (SSO) page. This implementation will allow us to bring all Widener students into Office 365. 

Client Benefits

  • Single email solution—and address—for all
  • Outlook calendars to make scheduling meetings easier
  • Office 2016 licenses for up to 5 devices. (Sorry, alumni accounts are excluded from this benefit due to Microsoft license agreement limitations.)
  • One terabyte of OneDrive space
  • 50GB email quota
  • Mobile access to all platforms and devices
  • Significant cost savings to the university


The project will first integrate our new Single Sign-On (SSO) with Campus Cruiser. Thereafter we will begin to create student accounts in Office 365.

March – Project announcement. (That’s this post.) ITS will begin to synchronize all Campus Cruiser accounts with our campus directory server. 

April – Any employee can request to be migrated from CampusCruiser to Office 365 prior to June 5th by contacting the Help Desk for your campus. This includes email, calendar and contacts. Personal email lists will need to be re-created in Office 365.

May – Reminder emails will be sent out with a list of tasks that we will ask all CampusCruiser mail users to perform prior to June 2nd.

June 2 – June 5 ITS and Campus Cruiser will migrate all accounts to and forward any email that is received as Students will begin using Office 365 on June 5th.  Other than an intermittent outage on Sunday afternoon June 4th, no other outage is expected.

info Employee accounts that do not forward as of February 1, 2017 will have their email migrated to Office 365. This is limited to a maximum of 2000 messages per folder.

  • Students that would like to migrate their email will be provided instructions on how to connect their Campus Cruiser and WUmail accounts.
  • All email addresses in Colleague, Active Directory, and Campus Cruiser’s Directory will be updated to reflect
  • All system distribution lists will be changed to reflect the new email addresses ending in
  • The personal forwarding option will be removed from Campus Cruiser. Clients that forward email to an external account will need to setup forwarding in Office 365 starting June 5th.

June 2017 – May 2018 – An ‘Archived Cruiser Email’ link will be provided in Campus Cruiser under the MyCruiser tab, available through May 2018.

All employees and students that used CampusCruiser email as their primary email account will be asked to remind their contacts to update their address book with the new email address to The server will no longer receive/forward email messages as of May 31, 2018.


Should you have questions or concerns please contact or schedule to meet with us by email to Thank you for your patience while ITS brings you new services that we expect to enhance our institutional effectiveness.
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Big IT projects getting under way

The most frequent question I’m asked is “What is going to happen with Campus Cruiser?” After talking with many members of the community about your needs, it’s time to share where things stand.

Three projects in one

Campus Cruiser is really three products in one: an email system, a learning management system (LMS), and a portal for internal collaboration and administration. Consequently, ITS and its many campus partners are actually preparing to undertake three major projects:

  • Complete the transition to Office 365, including email migration, for all students and remaining faculty/staff. (~6 months)
  • Identify and implement a state-of-the-art LMS. (~18 months)
  • Identify and implement tools to facilitate internal collaboration and provide access to online administrative resources. (18-24 months)

Make no mistake: this is a huge undertaking that will touch every member of our community. But the outcome will be worth it: streamlined technology platforms that truly match the needs of a dynamic campus environment.

Where do we start?

For now, we’re focusing on the first two pieces: full migration to Office 365 and implementing a new LMS. The portal question is very important, but will be much easier to sort out after we’ve addressed the other two.

Office 365

It will be advantageous to all be on the same email, calendar, and productivity software. Going forward, we’ll all have Outlook calendars to schedule appointments with each other. Faculty and staff will finally have a single email address. And we’re excited to provide all of our students with free access to the Office productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive.

We know this is a big undertaking, but we are committed to helping our community migrate their email and get running quickly on Office 365. Our project team, led by Chris Smith, has developed a migration plan for all of us to start next academic year on the same system. Chris will be sending out more information to the community next week to share additional details about the plan.

A new LMS

There is an appetite on campus for a learning management system with improved features, a more elegant interface, and superior mobile device support.

With substantial support and guidance from the TIRC Committee, Joanne Caione-Keating is ramping up an interdepartmental project team to conduct a quick, but careful review of the current leading platforms. We expect the selection to be completed before commencement, and for early adopters to be able to begin learning and working in the new LMS this summer. Over the following semesters, we will work with faculty to support the migration of their courses and help them learn the new system.

Through their TIRC representatives, many faculty have already indicated their interest in the selection process. In addition to multiple, by-invitation sessions, there will be opportunities for any interested faculty, staff, or students to see demonstrations of finalist products and provide input. We will also be supporting “sandbox” environments of the top products for any faculty who want to experiment with the systems hands-on. We are committed to making the selection process transparent, faculty-driven, and learner-centered.

Joanne will make announcements about the project plan and evaluation schedule in the next week.

About change

These are big projects with ambitious timelines. But in my first months as CIO, it’s been clear that a lot of campus processes and pedagogical developments have been in a holding pattern while the University community awaited clear signals about our path forward. We hope you agree with us in ITS that implementing and supporting state-of-the-art digital platforms is a strategic investment in our institutional effectiveness. I, for one, can’t wait to see how much better off we’ll be once these projects are done.

All of us involved are aware that changes like these place demands on your time and may occasionally be disruptive. We will do everything in our power to be considerate of impacts on you, but we also hope that we will continue to receive the support and encouragement that so many of you have already expressed. Technical support, training, and communications are core components of our project plans. If you have concerns as they get under way, please do not hesitate to contact Chris, Joanne, or me.

Office 365 Community Email FAQs

This FAQ has been written for our entire Widener community.

Q. Do I need to have a client (software or app) installed to use WUmail/Office 365 ?
A. No, there is a web version available.

Q. Will any email be lost during the migration process?
A. No, it will only be delayed during the migration process.

Q. Will I be able to forward my email to another email address?
A. Yes, you have the ability to forward your email to another email address.

Q. Will the current forward in my WUmail/Office 365account be transitioned?
A. Yes, all email sent to your CampusCruiser email address will be forwarded to your Office365_logo_blue account.

Q. Will the current forward to another email address be transitioned?
A. No, you will need to re-setup any forwarding.

Q. Will SPAM filtering be handled?
A. Yes, Office 365 includes anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-malware features.

Q. Will I still have ability to setup automatic replies (out of office) that I had in CampusCruiser?
A. Yes, Office 365 has an automatic reply feature.

Q. Can I still share calendars?
A. Yes, you will be able to share calendars within the Widener community.

Q. Can my personal groups and lists be migrated from CampusCruiser to Office 365 ?
A. No, groups and lists will need to be recreated.

Q. Is special software or application required for use on my mobile device?
A. No, you can use the standard email and contacts applications available on Android, Apple and Windows smartphones and tablets.  If you choose not to use your device’s standard email application, you can download Microsoft Outlook from the app store for you device.

Q. Will I need to reset the password in my device when I change my Novell password?
A. Yes, you must change your email password on your mobile device just as you currently do for Outlook or any other software you use to access WUmail.

If your question or concern has not been addressed in this FAQ send us your question at or submit your question through the form below.

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Office 365 Student Email FAQs

This FAQ has been written for our student audience.

Q. Do I lose Student Planning? 
A. No, the only part of CampusCruiser changing is the email module.

Q. Can I access Office 365 from my phone?
A. Yes, you can either use your device’s native email app or download the Microsoft Outlook app on any mobile device.

Q. What is Office 365? 
A. Office 365 is a suite of software that includes Microsoft Office 2016 online, 1TB of storage in OneDrive, 50GB of email space, and 5 licenses of Office 2016 to install on your personal computer(s).

Q. What email functions will change from CampusCruiser to Office 365?
A. Most important will be access to your email, calendar, and contacts from your phone.  The Sign In process will also be different.

Q. What is the difference between Office 365 and Outlook?
A.  Office 365 is a bundle of applications that includes Outlook for email. Outlook online is a ‘lite’ version of Outlook (the desktop client). Other applications in Office 365 include Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and others.

Q. Can I forward my new WUmail email to my GMail account, since I already use the GMail app?
A.  Yes.  Instructions will be available shortly.

Q. How can I forward my CampusCruiser email to Office 365?
A. Your email will automatically be forwarded to Office 365 on June 5th.

Q. What happens to my old CampusCruiser email after June 5th?
A. Email in CampusCruiser before June 5th will be archived.  See the video “How To View My Campuscruiser Email Archive” for instructions.  The archive will be available until May 31st, 2018.

Q. What is ‘Archived Cruiser Email?
A. Archived email is a copy of your CampusCruiser email before June 5th.  You cannot receive email in Archived Email, but you can forward email.

Q.  How will I access my archived Cruiser email after June 5th?
A. Log into CampusCruiser, hover over MyCruiser in the menu bar and choose Archived Cruiser Email.

Q. Will I still be able to access my classes through CampusCruiser?
A. Yes. For now, the parts of CampusCruiser that are changing are the login process and email module. Next year, classes will undergo a process of conversion to a new learning management system for courses.

Q. When will my address stop working ?
A. May 2018.

If your question or concern has not been addressed in this FAQ send us your question at or submit your question through the form below.

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Office365 Email Video Guides


Office365 Overview (8m:19s)


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