Cruiser Email Migration: Top Trending Questions

Q1: Will my email still be delivered after June 5th?
Yes, your will be forwarded to your address.

Q2: When will my account stop receiving email?
Email sent to will be forwarded through at least May 2018. ITS suggests that you inform your contacts soon after the conversion on June 5th of your new address. This can be done by adding an auto-reply in your CampusCruiser account.

Q3: I have more than 2000 messages in my folder, how can I copy the rest of my email to Office 365?
Simply open a ticket with ITS to schedule migration of your remaining mail to Office 365.

Q4: Will I have access to my email in CampusCruiser after June 5th?
Yes, email in your CampusCruiser inbox prior to the migration can be found in the Archived Cruiser Email link under the My Cruiser dropdown. Email delivered after the migration will only be available in Office 365.

Q5: Will there be training for Faculty, Staff, and Students?
Currently you can login to and access online training from the Office 365 Basics playlist. Stay tuned for information about future in-person workshops.

Q6: How will I get to my classes after June 5th?
At this time only your email is changing. Access to classes will stay the same.

Q7: Will I be able to email from my class?
Yes, the email will be sent to everyone’s address, but otherwise will work just like it does today.