One Year Later with

Last April, we began providing Widener faculty, staff and students with access to the library of tutorials on technology, creative, and business skills. In the first year, we’re happy to see that 926 of us have viewed 16,900 videos.

Here are courses that have been viewed by the most people (or for the most total hours):

  1. Learning Canvas 2016
  2. Learning Office 365
  3. SPSS Statistics Essential Training
  4. How to use
  5. Learning Canvas 2017
  6. Social Media Marketing: Optimization
  7. Excel 2013 Essential Training
  8. Learning with
  9. SharePoint: Compliance Management
  10. Office 365: Learning Excel

Remember, you can access from any device with Internet access, even when you’re away from campus. (Students: if you need to brush up on a skill for an internship or summer job, remember that you can still use All you need are your Widener username and password when you visit Enjoy!