How can I manage my notifications in Canvas if I am not getting them?

    • Canvas gives users a lot of control over how they are notified of course updates.  You can adjust where and how frequently you receive notifications.  To manage your notifications, navigate to Account in the Global Navigation menu (the purple menu on the far left-hand side). Select Notification Preferences to manage them. For step-by-step:
    • If you want to receive notifications for your own posted announcements and discussion forum entries, as you did in Cruiser, you will need to select those options in the list (it is not a default).

How can I add additional methods of contact to my Canvas account?

    • By default, notifications are sent to your Widener email address. To add additional contact methods, click on Account in the Global Navigation menu (which is the purple menu on the far left-hand side). Navigate to Settings, and then click +Email Address to add an additional email address or +Contact method to add a cell number for SMS text notifications. For more information on adding an additional email address to your Canvas account, go to
    • In order to receive notifications via multiple means, including email, phone (via SMS), and web services. You will need to confirm each method of contact to receive notifications. For more information on how to do so, visit

How do I register and integrate web services with Canvas? What about my own Google Drive?

Canvas can be configured with multiple third-party web services, including Google Drive, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn. You can integrate these web services from your user Settings page. For more information on integrating web services with Canvas, visit       For Google-specific integration, visit