myWidener – Shedding Some Light

As we begin our journey with myWidener, let us share a list of some great questions we received over the last couple of days. There are only 15 but we expect them to help shed some light on some of the features of the site. Given our  timely deployment of myWidener, some features have not been fully built out, but expect to finish them soon.


Q1: Why does myWidener ask for my location and request to show notifications?

A1: myWidener uses your location to set your device to the correct campus or notify you of an event that may be happening on the campus near your vicinity.

Q2: What do I need to know if I block myWidener from my location?

A2: myWidener will not be able to place you in the correct Campus. By default, the site will assign you to the Chester campus. You will need to go into your profile preferences and select your default campus or manually select it every time.

Q3: Does myWidener track me?

A3: No, myWidener uses geolocation only for placing you on the correct campus and providing you with an update on events that may be happening in your area.

Q4: Why do I keep getting placed on the Chester campus?

A4: You may be placed on the wrong campus because you denied myWidener of your location, or the system could not determine your location. We recommend that you go into your profile settings and set your default campus.

Q5: How can I change my role or campus?

A5: You can manually change your role at any time by selecting the down arrow next to the blue search button on the site.

Q6: How can I lock myself to a campus?

A6: You can go into the settings and set your default campus. There are three; Chester, Delaware, and Harrisburg.

Q7: I can’t find something I am searching for, what should I do?

A7: First, check to make sure you are set to the correct role and campus. You can see this by selecting the down arrow next to the blue search button on the site. Your role and campus should be checked. If they are incorrect, check the one that match you. If they are correct, please send us feedback (click your profile name, and click “Send Feedback”). myWidener is intended to be a central location for students, faculty, and staff to gain access to a broad range of information and services.

Q8: How can I add my personal favorites?

A8: Click on the “star” in the bottom right corner of the task. This task will now appear up in your myWidener favorites.

Q9: How do I create my own personal bookmarks?

A9: Check out this short video to see how it is done.

Q10: How do I change my settings to have my tasks open in a new tab?

A10: Click on your profile name and click Preferences. Check “Always open tasks in new tab/window” and click Save.

Q11: What does the “hamburger menu” () mean?

A11: The “hamburger menu” (displayed as ) is what the collapsed menu icon on websites are called. This menu type is commonly seen on the top right or left on websites especially when viewed on a mobile device.

Q12: What is a task?

A12: A task is a single instruction you may complete on myWidener.

Q13: What is a task center?

A13: A task center is a group of related tasks within the same topic.

Q14: What does the “i” mean on a task or task center on the myWidener site?
A14: Clicking on the “i” provides more information about this task. This page is what we call the “Task Description Page” or TDP.

Q15: What is the Task Description Page (TDP) used for?

A15: This is a page where the owner of the task can provide more information and instructions for the task. It shows you the contact/owner of the task and any announcements the task is or was promoting. The task itself can be launched from this page either by clicking the task title or clicking the “Launch Task” button at the top right of the page.