Demystifying Green Printing

While it is true that there is an initiative being undertaken to right size the university’s printer fleet, we wanted to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that we will not be taking your printers without a mutual agreement.

Per President Wollman’s FALL 2018 Opening Meeting, ITS is managing the printer rightsizing effort in collaboration with the Operations Department. The steps we are taking are listed below.

1.   An ITS representative will be meeting with individual departments, assessing need, and centralizing printing functions. This process includes removing costly desktop and laser printers and moving to digital multi-function devices. However, it is NOT strictly an elimination effort. If an area is lacking printing capacity, every effort will be made add capability, streamlining departmental workflow.

2.  When an assessment is complete, ITS will share it with the dean or department head for their consideration, and changes will be made if deemed necessary. ITS will then begin setting everyone up to print to the appropriate devices, and removing unneeded & obsolete printers & fax machines.

The first floor of Old Main was first to partner with ITS in this undertaking, and in the course of consolidating, they went from 16 assorted devices down to  2 digital copiers.

Widener’s aging fleet of laser and inkjet printers has become unsustainable long term. Maintenance, repair, and the cost of consumables has continued to escalate. Digital imaging is the industry standard, proving to be a more fiscally and ecologically responsible than older technology. ITS is aware that each area has unique requirements and will customize a plan that will benefit everyone.