How can I view the course as a student?

To view a course as a student, navigate to Settings in the course menu. Then, click on Student View on the right-hand side of the page. This will allow you to view the course as a student user, as well as work as a test student in the class. For more information on viewing your course as a student in Canvas, visit .

How does Canvas’s syllabus feature work?

Every official university course has been delivered with an editable course template built into the Syllabus functionality of Canvas. The Syllabus feature in Canvas has two main parts: the Syllabus Description, and the Assignment Summary. In the Syllabus Description, you can post your course description, guidelines, and other important information. The Assignment Summary contains a list of assignments and events and is automatically generated based on the calendar assignments and events within your course. You can find more details about the Syllabus feature in Canvas here:

What are “Pages” and how do I use them to add content to my course (similar to the HTML boxes in Cruiser)?

In Canvas, you can use Pages to display content and resources such as text, video, or links to files or other pages. Pages are also useful for content that doesn’t belong in a particular assignment, or for content that you will refer to in multiple assignments. To create a Page, navigate to Pages in the course menu. Click +Page at the top of the page to create a new Page. This link provides more details about the use of Pages in Canvas:

Can I determine when students have access to modules, content, and assignments?

There are several ways for you to control when students have access to modules. You can:

If I accidentally removed an item from a module, how can I re-add it?

Modules are simply compilations of other Canvas content. To re-add an item (page, quiz, assignment, etc.) that you accidentally removed from a module, go to Modules, scroll down to the module you accidentally deleted an item from, then click the + button (beside the gear icon). Use the pop-up menu to select the item in question. For more on adding new or existing content to modules, visit