How can I migrate my course to Canvas?

There is no automated process available for migration from CampusCruiser or WebStudy into Canvas. Instructor will be moving content and creating their own courses. In addition to training and workshops provided by TLT, Quick Steps for Your First Canvas Course on the ITS News blog offers tips on migrating content into the course template that has been provided. For additional assistance, contact




How do I copy content from one Canvas course to another?

Navigate to the course to which you would like to add content. Click Settings from the course menu, and then select Import Content into this Course on the right-hand side of the page. For Content Type, select Copy a Canvas Course, then search for the relevant course. Once you’ve located it, select whether to migrate all content or only select content. You can also elect to have Canvas adjust events and due dates. Once you’ve made your selections, click Import. For more information on copying courses, visit

Are there file storage limits in Canvas like there were in CampusCruiser?

    • Yes. Each course has .5 GB (500MB) of space available. In addition, each user receives 50MB of personal space. If there’s a resource or file you use in every course, consider adding it to your personal files. Doing so will not only help save space, but it will also prevent you from having to upload a file multiple times. Because space is limited, it’s a good idea to embed videos. For more information on doing so, visit
    • It is also a best practice to use your university OneDrive account (offering an abundant 1 TB of space) and link files to your courses from that storage space.