Classroom Projector Display Settings Fix

Where is my PowerPoint? Why can’t my students see what I see?

You may find the computer screen “extending” rather than “duplicating” to the projection screen. This likely occurred when a previous PPT file “hijacked” the display. We’re providing a quick fix instructions here, but feel encouraged to call Teaching & Learning Technology (TLT) x4090 for assistance.

The quick fix

    1. With the PC and projector both turned-on, keypress the windows and “P” buttons at the same time.
    2. While still holding-down the windows button, press the “P” button until ‘Duplicate’ is highlighted.

  1. Once ‘Duplicate’ is selected, release all keys and screens should mirror. Please allow up to 10 to 20 seconds for digital connection to update.

Is there a permanent fix?

This issue is one of those bugs for which the MS Office community-at-large is working hard to find a solution. We will update this post as soon as this is resolved.


Dozens of learning spaces get digital upgrades

ITS is committed to excellence in support of teaching and learning. Read about digital upgrades to 34 spaces that TLT upgraded this summer.

ITS updated the AV systems in 28 formal learning spaces, including classrooms and teaching labs in Kapelski, Kirkbride, Bruce, Hanna, Old Main Annex, and Alumni. These upgrades will immediately improve the quality and reliability of the classroom experience. They will also allow us to keep rooms more easily up to date with future upgrades in educational technology.

Additionally, we outfitted six of the informal learning/meeting spaces in University Center with new large monitors, built-in AV systems and computers. No more having to call TLT Classroom Support to request deliveries of laptops in the Webb Room or meeting rooms A, C, D, F, or G.

Complimenting this effort, you will discover refined “how-to” documentation for AV posted in learning spaces.

Take a moment to view some of the before and after in this short video documenting some of the space transformations.  If you need any assistance with these spaces or just want to give kudos to the fantastic team of Rick, Casey, and Jeremy, just contact them at x4090 or

How we pick rooms to upgrade

This spring, TLT staff spent months planning with deans’ offices, faculty, operations staff and technology vendors. We prioritized rooms based on capacity, degree of use, frequency of calls for tech-related issues, age/health of current equipment. We also took into account places where we simply needed to correct awkward AV configurations that got in the way of teaching and learning.

The University is making strong investments in teaching and learning technologies (in both physical and virtual learning spaces). We plan to make additional upgrades later this year. Even so, completing our digital learning space transformations will take at least two more years. Please let us know if you have thoughts to share about how our learning space infrastructure can be improved.

Start Packing! 6 Tips for the Canvas Move

It’s time to start planning your move.

It seems like a daunting task, but take another look at the transition timeline – you have enough time to pack up and move to your new course home. The key is to plan and be smart about what you pack and how you stay organized!

The infographic below highlights 6 important things to consider and start working on (and Tip 7 is get a librarian involved to help you find accessible course assets if your scanned copies are at all illegible or incompatible with screen readers).

So let’s get started. Take a good look at these 6 tips and plan your move. Want to see more of Canvas? It’s not quite ready or decorated for company yet, but go ahead and peek into the live environment at

Any questions, please reach out to

1) Now is the time to rethink course design without the constraints of CampusCruiser. You have the chance to take advantage of learning tools like never before. 2) Resist the urge to rush the process. (e.g., Is your content ADA compliant? Are your assignments engaging?) Use the time and support you have well. 3) Structure FOLDERS in MODULES. Include a simple word doc listing components (readings, assignment, assessment, video links); include every element in its module folder. 4) Do not dump course assets into groups (in this case


LMS Update: Recorded Demo Links, Sandboxes, and Surveys

Links to recorded demos, active trial sandboxes, and surveys for your feedback.


It has been an exciting few weeks here in Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT)! We have already had the live demos from two vendors with state-of-the-art LMS for Widener to consider. If you did not have a chance to attend the demos on the dates offered, you still have time to view the recordings and weigh in with your feedback.

Recording and survey links have been emailed to all faculty. Please let me know if you have not received that email.

Pick and choose any date. Please review BOTH choices and then complete the short survey for each one. We want to provide the absolute best option for teaching and learning, with the most comprehensive and efficient, yet elegant and easy-to-use platform as possible. We expect a final decision to be made in the next few weeks.


In addition to the recordings, we have arranged for you to have sandboxes in each LMS that allow you to login and really see what it is like to design and teach a class. Please do log in and test them out. I also encourage you to check out the additional learning and design resources available for both CANVAS and D2L at

Test Kitchen Dates

We are holding an open Test Kitchen on May 2nd and 3rd, 3:00-4:00 pm in ACN – HAL Lab (first floor). Bring your device or use a lab laptop to play in the sandbox together – we will be there to collect feedback and work with you in this discovery stage.

CANVAS Sandbox Link: ‘Need a CANVAS Account’

Click “Need a Canvas Account” on the login page to create their account. Then, click “Start a New Course” on the dashboard to start playing in Canvas.

Canvas Trial

D2L/Brightspace Sandbox Link: ‘Get Trial’

Fill in the information and submit for a 30 day trial and start playing in D2L/Brightspace.

d2l trial

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (x1345) or email me

Learning Management System (LMS) Update

Project team plans demos and other chances to review potential new systems.

As mentioned in previous announcements, we have kicked off a project to select and implement a state-of-the-art LMS that will serve our current and future teaching and learning requirements. (The current LMS is the “academics and classes” portion of our CampusCruiser portal). Though the entire process will take at least 18 months to complete, we are working very hard to get through the identification, demonstration, and stakeholder involvement steps before the end of spring 2017 so that ITS can do the necessary technical work for launching. (For more information, see CIO Eric Behrens’ Big IT Projects post.)

We welcome you to review (and come back to) the information in the WU Community Docs (LMS 2017) shared documentation folder. In this initial stage, you will find the LMS project charter and the selection process background, and we will add more docs as we progress.

Things are looking good! We have been working very closely with Faculty Council TIRC and have been engaging in conversations all across campus. The demand is clear to us for an easy to use, powerful, reliable, and student-centered tool. Among many other things, it also must have a great mobile interface. There are dozens and dozens of LMS options; we have worked hard to narrow it down and are now pleased to offer our first two vendor open demos! They will last about 60 minutes and will include time for Q&A.

There are multiple ways to view the demos:

  1. We have booked the Freedom Theater for those that would like to join us in person
  2. We are making the VIRTUAL web-conferencing link available
  3. The vendors have agreed to record the demo and provide a link to the recording for those that were not available for the live sessions

Live Demo #1: CANVAS (Instructure) – Tuesday, April 18th, 3:00pm –  Meeting #:807 138 723, Call-in toll-free (US/Canada) 1-877-668-4493

Live Demo #2: D2L/Brightspace – Wednesday, April 19th, 3:00pm – iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +14086380968,177710875# or +16465588656,177710875#

Short (online) surveys will be distributed after the demos in order to collect and. analyze feedback. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (x1345) or email me

When will Canvas be integrated with rosters from Student Planning?

As of Fall 2017, we are fully integrated. Course rosters are set to update automatically, so you will not add users manually. You can, however, still use the +People feature to add additional users (including co-teachers, librarians, and other liaisons, etc.) to your course. For more details on adding people to your course, visit the Canvas Guide: