Asset Management deployment – OneDrive FAQ

If you have not yet set up OneDrive on your local PC, please call the HelpDesk at x1047 or submit a ticket at


Q: How will my files be backed up?

A: We are backing up your Desktop, Documents, Downloads, and favorites to your OneDrive in Office 365.


Q: If you back up my files this week, and I update my spreadsheet on my desktop, will that be updated?

A: We will provide an icon on your desktop to click that will update all changes to your OneDrive backups.


Q: How will my files get on my new computer?

A: The technician deploying your new computer will sync your OneDrive so your four folders will be easily accessible (and can be copied back to your new desktop, documents, etc).  You can ask them for assistance with moving these folders back onto your new Desktop, Documents, etc.


Q: What about my Chrome bookmarks?  Firefox bookmarks?

A: We will back up all bookmarks for IE, Firefox and Chrome from your old computer and import them to your new computer.


Q: I already back up my files to OneDrive.. Do I need to contact the HelpDesk?

A: If you already back up your files on your old computer to a USB, OneDrive, etc., then you are ready!  The HelpDesk does not need to back up your files, but please reach out to us if you have any questions.